Template:THE iDOLM@STER Anime Infobox THE iDOLM@STER (アイドルマスター, Aidorumasutaa) is an anime television series, produced by anime company A-1 Pictures based off of THE iDOLM@STER 2, and is directed by Atsushi Nishigori. It began airing in Japan on July 8, 2011 on TBS. The anime finished airing on December 23, 2011 with a total of 25 episodes. The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll for online streaming.

The series also received a theatrical film and an bonus episode OVA with one of the Blu-Rays.


The arduous struggle of the thirteen girls from 765 Production who dream of one day becoming top idols in the competitive Japanese entertainment industry.


  • Director: Atsushi Nishigori
  • Series Composition:
    • Atsushi Nishigori
    • Touko Machida
  • Music: Ryuuichi Takada
  • Original Creator: Bandai Namco Games
  • Original Character Design: Toshiyuki Kubooka
  • Character Design: Atsushi Nishigori
  • Art Director: Kushiro Usui
  • Chief Animation Director:
    • Akira Takata
    • Haruko Iizuka
  • Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta
  • Director of Photography: Shinji Nasu
  • Producer:
    • Hisanori Kunisaki
    • Shunichi Uemura
    • Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
    • Yosuke Toba
  • Color Design: Kazuko Nakashima
  • Sound Effects: Yasunori Ogata 


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Anime "THE iDOLM@STER" PV 3 Short Version

Anime "THE iDOLM@STER" PV 3 Short Version

Anime "THE iDOLM@STER" PV 3 Long Version

Anime "THE iDOLM@STER" PV 3 Long Version



Anime "THE iDOLM@STER" Real 765PRO TV Spot

Anime "THE iDOLM@STER" Real 765PRO TV Spot



Episode List

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No. Title Air Date Title Card
01 "This Is Where The Girls Start"
(これからが彼女たちのはじまり "Kore kara ga Kanojo-tachi no Hajimari"?)
July 8, 2011

Shown from the perspective of a cameraman shooting a documentary, it films and introduces the girls of 765 Production and their everyday activities as idols. Along with interviews with the staff of 765 Production, the idols themselves are also interviewed over why they became idols and what their goals are. By the end of the episode, President Junjirou Takagi of 765 Production reveals to the girls that the cameraman who's been filming them is in fact their new producer.

02 "The Girls Start "Preparing""
("準備"をはじめた少女たち ""Junbi" o Hajimeta Shoujo-tachi"?)
July 15, 2011

After seeing the girls' current profile pictures, the Producer thinks that they need new ones and orders a re-shoot so the girls can make better impressions in their auditions. When the photo shoot is in session, the younger idols, Iori, Yayoi, Ami and Mami want to stand out from the rest of the older idols by appearing mature-looking, which they fail to do. However, the Producer, Miki, Azusa and Ritsuko teach the younger girls about individuality and tell them to just be themselves. Thanks to their advice, the girls' photo shoot becomes a success.

03 "Everything Starts With One Courageous Step"
(すべては一歩の勇気から "Subete wa Ippo no Yūki kara"?)
July 22, 2011

The Producer and the girls head to the town of Furusato to perform a mini concert at the town's Summer Festival. As they get to there, some of the girls become disappointed about the stage's small size. In addition, they have to help out with the festival preparations. Unfortunately for Yukiho, she has a fear of men, which drains her performing confidence. On the night of the town's Summer Festival, Makoto and Haruka manage to help her overcome her fear of men. Yet, she is further hindered by a fear of dogs, just as she was making progress against her androphobia. The Producer counsels Yukiho about the dog by sharing about his own cynophobia. His courage gives Yukiho the confidence she needs for a great performance with Makoto and Haruka. After everyone returns to 765 Production studios, the Producer finds a souvenir of Furusato's pickled plums on his desk from Yukiho as a thank-you for helping her.

04 "That Changes Who I Am"
(自分を変えるということ "Jibun o Kaeru to Iu Koto"?)
July 29, 2011

Haruka, paired with Chihaya, and Takane, paired with Hibiki, appear on a cable-TV cooking show battle hosted by a frog hand puppet. Before the show begins, Chihaya questions the Producer about the removal of the singing section. He advises her to bear with the change. Simultaneously he learns about Chihaya's living situation. As the two teams duel, the host pokes fun of the girls' mistakes while the cameraman takes video from lewd angles. Chihaya becomes fed-up, expresses displeasure, and shocks the studio a little. However, Haruka breaks the silence and the show resumes as normal. As the show takes a break, Chihaya goes to a quiet area to calm herself with singing. Worried, the Producer finds her, apologizes to her, and makes promises about her getting singing jobs. The other three girls help Chihaya's discomfort, telling her to express herself to the audience, just as though is singing. With this support, Chihaya improves, and the show concludes successfully. After the show, the Producer rewards the girls with some sweets; but Chihaya declines and goes home. As Chihaya walks on, he recalls Chihaya's sad living situation, realizing his lack of familiarity about the idols.

05 "Spending Summer Vacation With Everyone"
(みんなとすごす夏休み "Minna to Sugosu Natsuyasumi"?)
August 5, 2011

It's summer, but the studio's air conditioner is broken. So the Producer agrees to bring the girls to the beach for a vacation while the air conditioner is repaired. As everyone enjoys their time, office clerk Kotori Otonashi receives an important call from President Takagi back at the studio. Come nightfall, the Producer and the idols stay at a local inn where they enjoy a barbecue, have an outdoor bath, and play games. As everyone goes to sleep, Haruka, Chihaya, Makoto and Iori have some small talk about their vacation and where their careers might be in a year. After the vacation, President Takagi makes an announcement about his approval of Project Ryuuguu Komachi, a new unit produced by Ritsuko.

06 "The Decision To Continue Forward"
(先に進むという選択 "Saki ni Susumu to Iu Sentaku"?)
August 12, 2011

Ritsuko's idol unit, Ryuuguu Komachi, with Azusa, Iori and Ami as its members, becomes popular after their debut and gets booked in many gigs, including singing on a music television program. Worried over the other idols' popularity, the Producer decides to have the idols audition for several gigs. However, he is so worried over having the girls attend their scheduled gigs that some of the girls are forced to rest for various reasons. To make matters worse, he accidentally double-books Hibiki to a concert with Makoto when Hibiki is actually with him and Haruka at another event. Luckily, Miki is able to replace Hibiki at the concert. The Producer realizes his mistakes in panicking over the girls' fame and apologizes to Kotori and the girls. As everyone at 765 Productions watches Ryuuguu Komachi's performance on television, the Producer tells Ritsuko that he will do better to help the idols.

07 "Things You Love, Things That Are Important"
(大好きなもの、大切なもの "Daisuki na Mono, Taisetsu na Mono"?)
August 19, 2011

Iori humiliates herself on live television when she forces an interviewer at the Minase estate to focus on her rather than ask about her father and older brothers. The Producer reprimands her actions, but Iori ignores his advice. Yayoi invites Iori and Hibiki to her home to have dinner with her five younger siblings where Iori learns about the life of a "commoner" and gets to know Yayoi's brother and the eldest boy, Chousuke, who wants to help his sister. During dinner, Chousuke hits his brother Kouji for trying to take his food, for which Yayoi tells him to apologize, but he angrily talks back to her and runs away. Worried about Chousuke, Yayoi and Hibiki begin searching for him around the town and the Producer later intervenes after Iori calls him. Iori finds Chousuke in the storage shed as she remembers that the place is just like where she usually hid when she fought with her brothers. She now understands what it feels like to be a younger sibling and that Chousuke just wanted to help his sister, and she advises him that instead of just complaining and running away, he should be bold, confront his sister, and tell the truth. Inspired by Iori's speech, Chousuke reunites with Yayoi and apologizes. As the Producer, Hibiki and Iori go home, he thanks Iori for calling him for help. The next morning, Yayoi learns to her surprise that Chousuke wants to become more reliable at home.

08 "The Indirect Route To Happiness"
(しあわせへの回り道 "Shiawase e no Mawarimichi"?)
August 26, 2011

Azusa, Makoto and Miki go modeling as a bride, groom and bridesmaid, respectively, for a wedding magazine at a chapel. When Azusa is having a chat with her friend on the phone, a runaway bride bumps into Azusa and drops her engagement ring. Azusa picks it up and is then taken by a group of bodyguards who mistake her for the runaway bride. But Azusa's kidnapping is witnessed by Makoto, so she and the Producer chase them, leaving Miki behind at the job. When the bodyguards realize they have the wrong person, they let Azusa go, but later learn from the bride that the ring is with Azusa. As Azusa tries to find her way back, she helps several people along the way, including watching over a fortune teller's booth, and while doing that, directing a Middle Eastern man to the harbor. After a fight between Makoto and the bodyguards in Yokohama Chinatown, they soon learn where Azusa is and immediately go after her, with the whole group expanding to include the Producer, the bride, the shop owners whose shops were damaged in the fight, and the people Azusa helped. Coincidentally, Miki and the photo crew have moved to where Azusa and everyone else are heading, and Miki convinces the photographer to take pictures of the wild chase. After the misunderstandings are cleared and the ring is finally returned, the bodyguard's boss, who is none other than the man Azusa met earlier, arrives. He reveals himself to be a Middle Eastern oil tycoon. The bride, finally seeing that the groom is actually a handsome and kind man, happily agrees to marry him and hopes Azusa will find happiness as well. Thankfully for everyone at 765 Production, Azusa's chase photos have become a hit and the oil tycoon has paid for all of the damages caused by misunderstandings.

09 "Things You Can Do As Two"
(ふたりだから出来ること "Futari da kara Dekiru Koto"?)
September 2, 2011

After finishing filming a TV mystery mini-drama, Ryuuguu Komachi and Ritsuko return to 765 Production studios for a break with Mami and the Producer returning as well. Iori decides to treat everyone to some special puddings she bought earlier, but finds out the puddings are gone from the refrigerator. Suspecting the other idols as the culprits, Ami and Mami decide to solve the mystery by playing detectives. As the twins investigate and interrogate the others with their antics, Mami admits to the Producer she feels bored and lonely without her sister but hopes to be famous like Ami and be together again. After clearing almost everyone as suspects, the twins have everyone in the studio pull a scary stunt on Haruka, Chihaya and Miki, which reveals Miki as the real culprit. With the case over, Miki explains she ate the pudding because someone ate her jelly dessert earlier that morning. The twins inadvertently reveal they were the ones who ate it, much to the office's chagrin as the whole thing was their fault in the first place. Makoto also mentions noticing other things going missing from the 'fridge lately, which angers everyone else even further, and everyone begins chasing the twins. In the epilogue, Miki reveals there was only one pudding in the fridge when she ate it as, unknown to everyone, it was Azusa who actually ate all of the puddings that morning despite being on a diet.

10 "Moving Forward A Little Bit, With Everyone"
(みんなで、少しでも前へ "Minna de, Sukoshi demo Mae e"?)
September 9, 2011

The girls attend "The Big Talent Agency Sports Competition" where idols groups from various agencies compete in games. Despite the animosity between Makoto and Iori and not all of them winning the first place, the girls remain optimistic, and gain favorable views from the crowd. However, Shinkan Shoujo, a rival idol group, does not like the attention 765 Production is having and proceeds to insult them. One of them even calls Yayoi a burden to the agency, which deeply affects her confidence. After the girls watch a performance by boy band Jupiter, and later have lunch with Ai Hidaka, Eri Mizutani and Ryo Akizuki, the idols from 876 Production, Makoto and Iori compete in another three-legged race. Much to their displeasure, during the race, due to their lack of teamwork, Makoto injures her knee. At first, the girls decide that Makoto should pull out of the competition, but as they learn what Shinkan Shoujo said to Yayoi, the girls are now more determined to win the next and final event, the relay race. Their determination emboldens the Producer, who refuses to be intimidated by Shinkan Shoujo's manager trying to pressure 765PRO to lose on purpose so that his idol unit will win the competition. The latter is forced to back off and play fair after Iori reminds him that her family is the major stockholder for the parent company that owns Shinkan Shoujo's agency. As the girls work together in the race and Yayoi regains confidence, Makoto is able to win the first place. When the game is over, Ryuuguu Komachi wins the Idol category, but decide to share their trophy with the rest of the girls of 765 Production, which they celebrate back at their studio together with the idols of 876 Production.

11 "Hopes, Uncertainties And Signs"
(期待、不安、そして予兆 "Kitai, Fuan, Soshite Yochou"?)
September 16, 2011

The Producer informs the girls that their big break has come as they will be performing live at a 765 Productions thank-you concert. Despite its main event being Ryuuguu Komachi, the girls are excited since they will be performing a new song and dance routine. However, the girls have to go through tough dance and vocal lessons, which some of the girls are having problems doing correctly, especially since their exams are coming up. When Yukiho considers quitting for not catching up in dancing, Takane encourages her to not give up and to be more determined. Inspired by Takane, Chihaya decides to help Haruka's vocal training at night, forcing her to stay at Chihaya's apartment as well. While helping Chihaya making dinner, Haruka learns that Chihaya lives alone due to her parents' divorce and Chihaya learns that becoming an idol is Haruka's dream. Thanks to their hard work and determination, the girls finally perfect their singing and dance routine. Due to a misunderstanding between her and the Producer some time ago, Miki believes she is now talented enough to join Ryuuguu Komachi, but Ritsuko explains to her why she can't. The next day, the girls are done their exams and are preparing for their next dance lesson but Miki has not arrived, and, as they notice her absence, the Producer receives a message from her calling him a liar.

12 "A Goal With A One-Way Path"
(一方通行の終着点 "Ippou Tsuukou no Shuuchakuten"?)
September 23, 2011

As the day of the concert gets closer, the Producer and the idols are worrying about Miki, who hasn't come for practice sessions for the past few days. After Ritsuko explains about the talk she had with Miki about the misunderstanding over Ryuuguu Komachi, the Producer realizes what happened and tries to call her to come back and to stop being selfish, but Miki tells him she no longer has enthusiasm to perform. Kotori calms the Producer down, explaining that Miki is still a teenager. The Producer regrets treating her like a professional and never considering her feelings. As the Producer searches for Miki around the city, the idols begin to have doubts if Miki will return, but Chihaya believes she will come back and they should continue practicing. When the Producer finds Miki, he apologizes to her, but Miki reveals she wants to quit being an idol as she lost her enthusiasm after learning she can't join Ryuuguu Komachi. As the Producer follows her around the city trying to make her reconsider, they stop at a lake where she reveals she worked hard during the practice sessions hoping to join Ryuuguu Komachi so she could wear cool costumes, be on stage and popular just like them. But the Producer tells her things have changed since now it's the rest of other idols' turn to be in the spotlight, so he promises her that he will help her become just like or better than Ryuuguu Komachi if she promises to return to 765 Production with the same enthusiasm she had. Back at the studios, Miki apologizes to everyone for her absence, but Chihaya has no time to hear it as she wants Miki make up for lost time. Glad to have her back, the idols watch Miki trying on her new costume.

13 "And So, The Girls Rise To The Shining Stage"
(そして、彼女たちはきらめくステージへ "Soshite, Kanojo-tachi wa Kirameku Suteeji e"?)
September 30, 2011

It's the day of the 765 Productions thank-you concert, but complications arise for Ritsuko and Ryuuguu Komachi when a typhoon hits the city. All transit trains are stopped, forcing Ritsuko and the others to drive to the concert, only to get into a traffic jam. With the audience already having arrived at the concert, the Producer issues a change of plans to the backstage crew and the idols to have them perform first to buy enough time for Ryuuguu Komachi to arrive. The concert goes well until the audience starts to feel bored and wonders where Ryuuguu Komachi are. Backstage, Hibiki, Makoto, Mami, Yukiho and Yayoi start to panic, but Haruka calms them and tells them to pump up the audience. However, a problem arises when the Producer learns that they have mistakenly ordered for Miki to perform two consecutive songs, both requiring intensive dance performances. Despite how strenuous it will be doing two songs without rest, Miki is determined to do it. The exhausted Miki succeeds in performing both songs amazingly, and the Producer, Chihaya and Haruka praise her. With one last song, the song they have been practicing, the idols give it their all, exciting the crowd and pumping them up for Ryuuguu Komachi, who have finally arrived at the concert. When she show ends, Ritsuko, Ami, Azusa and Iori go backstage to see the others, only to find them sleeping from exhaustion and being watched over by the Producer, President Takagi and Kotori. Despite this, they congratulate their friends on a great job.

No. Title Air Date Title Card
14 "The World That Began To Change!"
(変わり始めた世界! "Kawarihajimeta Sekai!"?)
October 7, 2011

Ever since the concert and an article by Yoshizawa, a famous reporter who is a friend of President Takagi, the idols have become very popular to the point of having to wear disguises in public. After appearing on a TV show and going back to their makeup room, Haruka and Yayoi encounter a member of Jupiter, Touma Amagase, who gives them an ominous warning. Back at 765 Productions studio, everyone is waiting for a magazine, expecting to see a photo shoot of the idols on the cover, but as Iori brings it, the magazine shows instead Jupiter on the cover. Wanting to know what's going on, Junjirou and Yoshizawa believe this was the work of the President of 961 Productions and Jupiter's manager, Takao Kuroi, who used his connections to have the magazine cover changed. It is later revealed that Kuroi and Junjirou were once friends in the music industry, but they had a falling out because Junjirou disapproved of Kuroi's methods. Jealous of the 765PRO idols' recent popularity, Kuroi wants revenge against Junjirou by sabotaging his idols using any means necessary. The girls are irritated and attempt to confront Kuroi, but the Producer, Ritsuko and Junjirou tell them they should not fight dirty nor stoop as low as Kuroi does, and if they wish to beat him, they should do it fair and square. As the idols are still upset over the magazine cover, Haruka helps Kotori arrange their fan letters. Thanks to the encouraging letters from their fans, the idols realize it is their fans that they should be winning over, rather than their rivalry with 961 Productions and all of them agree to work hard for them.

15 "Everyone Together, It's A Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast!"
(みんな揃って、生放送ですよ生放送! "Minna Sorotte, Namahousou desu yo Namahousou!"?)
October 14, 2011

The 765 Production idols star in a comedic variety show called Are We Live? Sunday, hosted by Haruka, Chihaya and Miki. Other segments on the show include Hibiki's challenge of running to reach the studio in time, Azusa, Yayoi and Iori with kindergarteners, Yukiho helping Makoto trying on clothes, Takane going out tasting ramen with Ami and Mami and a trailer of the idols' upcoming action mecha movie. But humorous situations arise when Haruka accidentally smacks herself on the face just as she opens an ice cream box, forcing Chihaya to hold her laughter. On the other segments, Miki is trying to flirt with the Producer much to his and Ritsuko's chagrin, Yukiho forces the helpless Makoto to try on male clothes, Yayoi messes up the weather report, Ami and Mami are unable to finish the ramen Takane ordered, and Hibiki gets lost. By the end of the show, it's revealed Kotori was watching it at her home.

16 "How It Feels To Be All Alone"
(ひとりぼっちの気持ち "Hitoribotchi no Kimochi"?)
October 21, 2011

As Chihaya has nightmares about her past, Hibiki has an argument with her dog, Inumi, as both of them are hosting an animal documentary show. Meanwhile, Kuroi plots to foil Hibiki's role as the presenter of the show by replacing Inumi's role with a less well-behaved dog. As Jupiter are brought on as guests to the show, one of Kuroi's henchmen arranges for Hibiki to be secretly taken elsewhere and left stranded on the side of a cliff so that hosting duties will be given to Jupiter. The Producer searches for Hibiki while her hamster, Hamuzou, travels to the 765 Production office to get help from Inumi and the other idols. As Hibiki realizes she hasn't been able to spend time with her pets due to her busy lifestyle, Inumi and the other animals arrive to help her. As the Producer discovers Kuroi's role in Hibiki's disappearance, Hibiki and her animal friends arrive in time to film the show, much to Kuroi's anger. Kuroi leaves the place, along with his henchmen. Now having a better understanding with her pets, Hibiki hosts the show with them.

17 "Makoto, A True Prince"
(真、まことの王子様 "Makoto, Makoto no Ouji-sama"?)
October 28, 2011

Makoto is a hit with female fans due to her handsome and Prince-like looks. Although Makoto appreciates the fame, she wishes fans admire her as a girl and not a boy. After appearing on talk show along with Jupiter, Makoto almost has a fight with Touma. The latter believes in the lies Kuroi told him until the Producer intervenes. However, Kuroi appears himself, only to mock 765 Production and make fun on Makoto and her tomboyish looks. To let out her anger, Makoto goes on a "date" with the Producer at an amusement park, where she reveals that her father raised her as a boy. As such, she never experienced doing things that girls normally do and became an idol to shed her 'tomboy image' and to become a princess. When a group of thugs start harassing two girls, Makoto goes to stop them, only to later find out the girls are Makoto's fans. They are thrilled with excitement upon meeting their idol and ignore the thugs. Angry of being ignored, one tries to punch Makoto, only to hit the Producer instead, attracting more attention from more of Makoto's fangirls and forcing the thugs to leave. After recovering from his injuries, the Producer teaches Makoto that her dreams of being a princess are great, but she is also fulling the dreams of her fangirls who wish to meet a prince as well. As a gift, they ride the merry-go-round with the Producer treating her as a princess. Grateful to be able to act like a girl for a day, Makoto tells the Producer she will continue with her Prince image for her fans and hopes one day to meet her Prince Charming, who will finally treat her as the Princess she is.

18 "Lots Of, Everything""
(たくさんの、いっぱい "Takusan no, Ippai"?)
November 4, 2011

Ritsuko forces a hard dancing routine on Ryuuguu Komachi to prepare them for an upcoming secret concert, much to the group's displeasure. While checking out Ryuuguu Komachi's fan letters, the Producer finds one with a picture of Ritsuko when she was an idol, sent by a fan of hers with the nickname "Petit Bellpepper", much to her embarrassment. Upon learning Azusa won't be able to perform due to the mumps, Iori and Ami have a brilliant idea to have Ritsuko take over Azusa's place since she's the only one who knows the song and dance routine. As the Producer and Miki support the idea, Ritsuko reluctantly attends dance training with Iori and Ami, and they take advantage of it to get back at her. On the day of the concert, Ritsuko gets stage fright and feels very nervous until Iori and Ami show a prerecorded message by Azusa to the crowd where the group thanks Ritsuko for being their producer. There is also a surprise appearance by "Petit Bellpepper" and Ritsuko's fanclub who have come to support Ritsuko, thanks to the Producer. With her stage fright gone, Ristuko is able to perform with Iori and Ami. After the concert, Ritsuko realizes how much has changed since she quit being an idol to form Ryuuguu Komachi, but she still wants to be a producer to lead Ryuuguu Komachi to the top. However, she does tell the Producer if she ever does a comeback as an idol, she wants him to be her producer. Now with Azusa back, Ritsuko continues the group's regular training for their rise to the top.

19 "Like The Moon Hiding Between The Clouds"
(雲間に隠れる月の如く "Kumoma ni Kakureru Tsuki no Gotoku"?)
November 11, 2011

Kuroi hires paparazzi to follow and take pictures of Takane to find secrets about her since her background is a complete mystery, even to everyone at 765 Production. By coincidence, Takane bumps into the owner of Elder Records, who treats her for lunch while the paparazzi take pictures of the two. The entertainment industry interprets the photos as meaning that Takane is transferring to Elder Records. The Producer and Takane explain to the girls that the story is untrue, much to their relief, and opt to not comment about it until the owner of Elder Records returns overseas to clarify to the public as well. However, the girls become suspicious of Takane's behavior and try to keep an eye on her. At a festival, Chihaya admits to Takane they were actually following her just because they don't know anything about her. Takane understands, as everyone has secrets to keep for themselves, just like Chihaya herself. At 961 Production, Touma finally learns of the dirty tricks that Kuroi has been using against 765 Production, while the latter takes an interest of a picture of Chihaya visiting a grave and arguing with her mother. At an event where Takane becomes Police Chief for a day, Takane and the Producer are able to catch the paparazzi after the owner of Elder Records came to apologize to Takane and clarify the truth to the public, ending the transfer story. As 765 Production celebrate, Takane explains to everyone that her suspicious behavior was because she felt someone was following her. Meanwhile, Kuroi has exposed Chihaya's private life in a magazine, shocking Chihaya so much that she loses her voice in rehearsal.

20 "Promise"
(約束 "Yakusoku"?)
November 18, 2011

Chihaya's tragic past is revealed in a magazine - no thanks to Kuroi. In that magazine, it's revealed that Chihaya used to have a younger brother named Yuu, who died in a car accident when she was eight. But the magazine slanders her, suggesting the shocked Chihaya, who was there, did nothing and was heartless, and was also responsible for her parents' divorce. Chihaya reveals to Haruka that she became an idol to sing in memory of her late brother who loved her singing, but because of the revelation of her past, she is so traumatized that if she is unable to sing, Chihaya wants to leave 765 Production. As the days pass, Chihaya refuses to leave her apartment, much to everyone's worries. Haruka tries her best to help Chihaya, but Chihaya scolds her for being a busybody. After receiving Yuu's sketchbook that Chihaya's mother gave to Chihaya herself, Haruka asks the Producer if she's just a bother for trying to help everyone, but he assures her that she isn't, as it was her enthusiasm that helped him when he was down. After reading Yuu's sketchbook, Haruka and Miki have an idea to help Chihaya. Everyone at 765 Pro writes and send a song for Chihaya about their feelings to her, hoping she would sing it at the 765 Production's autumn concert. As she has read Yuu's sketchbook, Haruka finds out that what made Yuu happy wasn't Chihaya's singing, but seeing her smiling. On the day of the Autumn concert, just when everyone is afraid Chihaya won't make it for her part, Chihaya finally arrives. As the music to her song begins, Chihaya is still unable to sing until Haruka and the rest of the idols sing the song for her. With their help and seeing her past self and little brother, Chihaya is finally able to overcome her trauma and finish the song herself. As the crowd applaud her, everyone weeps with Chihaya in celebration.

21 "Like A Flower Blooming"
(まるで花が咲くように "Maru de Hana ga Saku you ni"?)
November 25, 2011

Thanks to a magazine interview by Yoshizawa with Chihaya over her past, the rumors about her have ended as she and the other idols prepare for the Idol Jam concert with Jupiter performing as well. However, Kuroi refuses to give up on destroying 765 Production, so he sabotages them by tricking their hair and makeup stylists into not coming and forcing the sound technician to not play their music and to lie to them saying their music files have been corrupted. Despite this, the Producer goes with the sound technician with a backup file, and the girls decide to do make up themselves while planning an impromptu session before Chihaya goes on stage. As Chihaya thanks her friends for caring about her, she asks them to let her sing her song a cappella. With the crowd praising her performance, the sound technician decides to not give in to Kuroi and to play her music. Touma, who is also seen watching, later finds out that Kuroi had tried to sabotage Chihaya's performance, and proceeds to confront Kuroi. Having enough with Kuroi's dirty tactics and how he treats everyone as pawns, Jupiter decides to quit 961 Production. After the concert, Jupiter meets the Producer with Touma apologizing for his past behavior and tells him that they've quit 961 Production. To celebrate, Junjirou takes everyone out to a restaurant. At the restaurant, much to everyone's surprise, not only are Yoshizawa and Kuroi sitting at the bar, but Kotori is also seen singing to the customers, revealing she was once an idol under Junjirou and Kuroi. As Junjirou has a drink with Yoshizawa and Kuroi while talking about their past, Kuroi leaves. Yoshizawa and Junjirou comment that Kuroi is someone who can't express his feelings well. As everyone heads home, the girls comment on how wonderful Kotori's song was and wonder if she ever had her own dreams of continuing as an idol. Kotori tells the Producer and Ritsuko that she's simply happy just singing every once in a while and watching the others become top idols.

22 "On Christmas Eve"
(聖夜の夜に "Seiya no Yoru ni"?)
December 2, 2011

It's the Christmas season and Haruka wants to celebrate a Christmas Eve party with everyone at 765 Productions, just like last year. But with the idols' new fame, all of the girls are busy attending and performing at TV shows, variety shows, holiday or Christmas specials on Christmas Eve, and most of them might not make it in time. Nevertheless, the Producer assures Haruka that he will try his best to get everyone for the party. During her dancing sessions, Haruka learns from the Producer that he has managed to get both her and Miki audition for the musical Spring Storm for the lead role. On Christmas Eve and finishing her work, Haruka accepts not everyone can make it for the party and decides to make the best of it. After buying a cake and a Christmas gift for the Producer, Haruka arrives at 765 Production studios with Chihaya and, much to their surprise, some of the idols have managed to make it for the party since the Producer rescheduled their gigs. With the Producer and Miki being the last to arrive, everyone eats the cakes they all bought and celebrates Christmas, as well as Yukiho's birthday. Junjirou announces to everyone that he has just received a call that Miki has won the Shining Idol New Artist Award. As the party continues, Haruka has a talk with Makoto, Iori and Chihaya on how their careers have changed and that they might not be able to celebrate together like this again, but Chihaya and Haruka are still hopeful that all of them can still celebrate Christmas together.

23 "I"
( "Watashi"?)
December 9, 2011

Haruka is looking forward to a dance rehearsal with everyone for their New Year's concert. However, the girls of 765 Production are too busy due to their schedules to do the rehearsal, which Haruka takes in stride. But when Chihaya leaves for an overseas recording, the idols are still unable to attend their rehearsals for the New Year's concert, slowly making Haruka lonely and depressed as she is unable to practice with her friends. Even worse, Are We Live? Sunday is being canceled to free up the Sunday timeslot for other shows, and Miki is taking her audition for the musical seriously and treats Haruka as a rival. As Haruka feels down on the second day of the musical audition, the Producer arrives with dorayaki to support her and Miki. When the Producer asks Haruka if she has any problem and wants to talk about it, Miki interrupts their talk. As Haruka tries to walk away from the Producer, Haruka almost falls into a hole on stage. The Producer manages to pull her to safety, only to fall into the hole himself. As the Producer is sent to the emergency room, Junjirou, Ritsuko, Kotori, Miki and Haruka wait solemnly and sadly.

24 "Dream"
( "Yume"?)
December 16, 2011

The Producer manages to survive his accident, but remains hospitalized for a while. As a result, Haruka returns to musical rehearsals to channel her grief into her role and wins the lead from Miki. Desperate to get the idols together, Haruka asks Ritsuko to reschedule or cancel her current gigs so she can practice for the New Year's concert, but Ritsuko cannot do it. Miki overhears this and berates Haruka for being selfish, especially after she seized the main role in the musical, and asks Haruka why she wanted to become an idol in the first place. Haruka loses what little confidence she had left and breaks down when she realizes she doesn't even remember her reasons. With Haruka given rest from her work, her friends begin worrying about her. A few days later, Haruka does an errand for her mother until she meets Touma and Jupiter, now under a new company, where they get to know their stage crew thanks to what she and 765 Production taught them. After consulting with the hospitalized Producer, Chihaya gathers the rest of the idols and tells them why Haruka wanted to do dance rehearsal with everyone: Haruka realized everyone was drifting apart and losing their true selves due to their work, and she wanted to do the rehearsal to reunite the bonds they always had. Meanwhile, Haruka meets a group of kindergarteners and sings with them until she sees a younger version of herself who brings her to the stadium where the 765 Production thank-you concert was held. Then she remembers that she became an idol to sing, dance and make people happy together with her friends, and her younger self, now looking older than when she became an idol, ensures Haruka that her friends believe in her. As Haruka runs back to 765 Production, the idols make a live broadcast announcing their New Year's concert and apologizing to Haruka for not realizing what she was doing. Glad to see this, Haruka reunites with her friends.

25 "Everyone, Together!"
(みんなと、いっしょに! "Minna to, Issho ni!"?)
December 23, 2011

Kotori visits the Producer at the hospital. The Producer expresses his wish to see the idols at the New Year's concert. As the idols of 765 Production prepare themselves for the show, the girls get a surprise visit from the Producer who manages to sneak out, thanks to Kotori. The Producer gives the idols some words of encouragement, especially to Haruka as he apologizes for not noticing her problem earlier. As the concert begins, the idols first sing a remix of their song "Ready!! & Change!!!". After doing a short talk to their audience, the idols announce they will be performing the song with Ritsuko on stage, as they manage to convince her to perform with them. Singing their new song, the girls get a huge applause from the crowd while the Producer, Kotori and Junjirou watch from backstage with pride and marvel at how much the girls have grown. As spring comes on, the idols greet the Producer, just released from the hospital, at 765 Production where he learns not only that has Are We Live? Sunday been renewed, but that Haruka and Miki's musical will be performing nationwide, and that Junjirou also has bought a new office building for everyone using the company's earnings. But everyone at 765 Production gets a nasty surprise when they realize they have been scammed by Kuroi, since the company building their new office is owned by him and has just declared bankruptcy. Despite this setback, everyone still looks at the future with confidence as they celebrate Hanami. The series ends with Jupiter performing one of their concerts, the 876 Production idols being interviewed by Yoshizawa, and everyone at 765 Productions getting their picture taken by Junjirou.

No. Title Air Date Title Card
26 "The Story Of 765PRO"
"Namuko Puro to Iu Monogatari"?)
September 30, 2011

A series of short, humorous vignettes showcasing some of the daily aspects of the staff and idols of 765 Production, such as a karaoke outing or a battle over rotating sushi.