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THE IDOLM@STER (アイドルマスター, Aidorumasutaa) is a multimedia franchise that started out as an arcade game on July 25, 2005, and later a Xbox 360 port on January 25, 2007. Since then the franchise has expanded to include a large discography, games on multiple platforms, spinoffs, and various anime, manga, and light novel adaptations.



MILLION LIVE! Ultimate Live! Leon Framed
SR Maiden Who Loves The World Shika Unawakened (Theater Days)


Takao Kuroi Silhouette
Takao Kuroi


CINDERELLA GIRLS Normal Uzuki Shimamura Unawakened
Uzuki Shimamura
N Normal Yuka Nakano Unawakened
Yuka Nakano
N Normal Yukari Mizumoto Unawakened
Yukari Mizumoto
N Normal Mai Fukuyama Unawakened
Mai Fukuyama
N Normal Noriko Shiina Unawakened
Noriko Shiina
N Normal Kana Imai Unawakened
Kana Imai
N Normal Arisa Mochida Unawakened
Arisa Mochida
N Normal Kanako Mimura Unawakened
Kanako Mimura
N Normal Saori Okuyama Unawakened
Saori Okuyama
N Normal Misato Manaka Unawakened
Misato Manaka
N Normal Miho Kohinata Unawakened
Miho Kohinata
N Normal Chieri Ogata Unawakened
Chieri Ogata
N Normal Kyoko Igarashi Unawakened
Kyoko Igarashi
N Normal Miyuki Yanase Unawakened
Miyuki Yanase
N Normal Momoka Sakurai Unawakened
Momoka Sakurai
N Normal Tsubaki Egami Unawakened
Tsubaki Egami
N Normal Hasumi Nagatomi Unawakened
Hasumi Nagatomi
N Normal Chika Yokoyama Unawakened
Chika Yokoyama
N Normal Hiromi Seki Unawakened
Hiromi Seki
N Normal Akiha Ikebukuro Unawakened
Akiha Ikebukuro
N Normal Yuu Ohta Unawakened
Yuu Ohta
N Normal Atsumi Munakata Unawakened
Atsumi Munakata
N Normal Rina Fujimoto Unawakened
Rina Fujimoto
N Normal Michiru Ohara Unawakened
Michiru Ohara
N Normal Kozue Yusa Unawakened
Kozue Yusa
N Normal Kurumi Ohnuma Unawakened
Kurumi Ohnuma
N Normal Shiki Ichinose Unawakened
Shiki Ichinose
R Rare Miku Maekawa Unawakened
Miku Maekawa
R Rare Erika Akanishi Unawakened
Erika Akanishi
R Rare Saya Matsubara Unawakened
Saya Matsubara
R Rare Yukino Aihara Unawakened
Yukino Aihara
R Rare Frederica Miyamoto Unawakened
Frederica Miyamoto
R Rare Sae Kobayakawa Unawakened
Sae Kobayakawa
R Rare Kotoka Saionji Unawakened
Kotoka Saionji
R Rare Anzu Futaba Unawakened
Anzu Futaba
R Rare Yao Fueifuei Unawakened
Yao Fueifuei
R Rare Azuki Momoi Unawakened
Azuki Momoi
R Rare Seika Suzumiya Unawakened
Seika Suzumiya
R Rare Miyabi Tsukimiya Unawakened
Miyabi Tsukimiya
R Rare Rena Hyodo Unawakened
Rena Hyodo
R Rare Karin Domyoji Unawakened
Karin Domyoji
R Rare Kiyora Yanagi Unawakened
Kiyora Yanagi
R Rare Setsuna Imura Unawakened
Setsuna Imura
R Rare Wakaba Kusakabe Unawakened
Wakaba Kusakabe
R Rare Satomi Sakakibara Unawakened
Satomi Sakakibara
R Rare Sachiko Koshimizu Unawakened
Sachiko Koshimizu
R Rare Miyako Anzai Unawakened
Miyako Anzai
R Rare Fuka Asano Unawakened
Fuka Asano
R Rare Yuriko Ohnishi Unawakened
Yuriko Ohnishi
R Rare Nana Abe Unawakened
Nana Abe
R Rare Shinobu Kudo Unawakened
Shinobu Kudo
R Rare Nene Kurihara Unawakened
Nene Kurihara
R Rare Koharu Koga Unawakened
Koharu Koga
R Rare Clarice Unawakened
R Rare Mayu Sakuma Unawakened
Mayu Sakuma
R Rare Sakura Muramatsu Unawakened
Sakura Muramatsu
R Rare Hitomi Niwa Unawakened
Hitomi Niwa
R Rare Miyo Harada Unawakened
Miyo Harada
R Rare Hotaru Shiragiku Unawakened
Hotaru Shiragiku
R Rare Mirei Hayasaka Unawakened
Mirei Hayasaka
R Rare Kanna Ariura Unawakened
Kanna Ariura
N Normal Rin Shibuya Unawakened
Rin Shibuya
N Normal Chiaki Kurokawa Unawakened
Chiaki Kurokawa
N Normal Sarina Matsumoto Unawakened
Sarina Matsumoto
N Normal Aya Kirino Unawakened
Aya Kirino
N Normal Reiko Takahashi Unawakened
Reiko Takahashi
N Normal Chinatsu Aikawa Unawakened
Chinatsu Aikawa
N Normal Mizuki Kawashima Unawakened
Mizuki Kawashima
N Normal Nao Kamiya Unawakened
Nao Kamiya
N Normal Haruna Kamijo Unawakened
Haruna Kamijo
N Normal Hina Araki Unawakened
Hina Araki
N Normal Ai Togo Unawakened
Ai Togo
N Normal Riina Tada Unawakened
Riina Tada
N Normal Seira Mizuki Unawakened
Seira Mizuki
N Normal Chie Sasaki Unawakened
Chie Sasaki
N Normal Miyu Mifune Unawakened
Miyu Mifune
N Normal Toko Hattori Unawakened
Toko Hattori
N Normal Manami Kiba Unawakened
Manami Kiba
N Normal Hajime Fujiwara Unawakened
Hajime Fujiwara
N Normal Minami Nitta Unawakened
Minami Nitta
N Normal Midori Mizuno Unawakened
Midori Mizuno
N Normal Yoriko Furusawa Unawakened
Yoriko Furusawa
N Normal Arisu Tachibana Unawakened
Arisu Tachibana
N Normal Fumika Sagisawa Unawakened
Fumika Sagisawa
N Normal Makino Yagami Unawakened
Makino Yagami
N Normal Layla Unawakened
N Normal Nanami Asari Unawakened
Nanami Asari
R Rare Helen Unawakened
R Rare Ryo Matsunaga Unawakened
Ryo Matsunaga
R Rare Chinami Komuro Unawakened
Chinami Komuro
R Rare Noa Takamine Unawakened
Noa Takamine
R Rare Kaede Takagaki Unawakened
Kaede Takagaki
R Rare Ranko Kanzaki Unawakened
Ranko Kanzaki
R Rare Megumi Ijuin Unawakened
Megumi Ijuin
R Rare Shino Hiiragi Unawakened
Shino Hiiragi
R Rare Karen Hojo Unawakened
Karen Hojo
R Rare Kate Unawakened
R Rare Shiori Sena Unawakened
Shiori Sena
R Rare Honoka Ayase Unawakened
Honoka Ayase
R Rare Yukimi Sajo Unawakened
Yukimi Sajo
R Rare Rei Shinohara Unawakened
Rei Shinohara
R Rare Rumi Wakui Unawakened
Rumi Wakui
R Rare Saki Yoshioka Unawakened
Saki Yoshioka
R Rare Otoha Umeki Unawakened
Otoha Umeki
R Rare Koume Shirasaka Unawakened
Koume Shirasaka
R Rare Ayaka Kishibe Unawakened
Ayaka Kishibe
R Rare Mutsumi Ujiie Unawakened
Mutsumi Ujiie
R Rare Honami Nishikawa Unawakened
Honami Nishikawa
R Rare Yume Narumiya Unawakened
Yume Narumiya
R Rare Tomo Fujii Unawakened
Tomo Fujii
R Rare Syuko Shiomi Unawakened
Syuko Shiomi
R Rare Tamami Wakiyama Unawakened
Tamami Wakiyama
R Rare Yasuha Okazaki Unawakened
Yasuha Okazaki
R Rare Kanade Hayami Unawakened
Kanade Hayami
R Rare Izumi Ohishi Unawakened
Izumi Ohishi
R Rare Chizuru Matsuo Unawakened
Chizuru Matsuo
R Rare Nono Morikubo Unawakened
Nono Morikubo
R Rare Anastasia Unawakened
R Rare Aki Yamato Unawakened
Aki Yamato
R Rare Haru Yuuki Unawakened
Haru Yuuki
R Rare Hijiri Mochizuki Unawakened
Hijiri Mochizuki
R Rare Asuka Ninomiya Unawakened
Asuka Ninomiya
R Increase In Luck Kako Takafuji Unawakened
Kako Takafuji
N Normal Mio Honda Unawakened
Mio Honda
N Normal Aiko Takamori Unawakened
Aiko Takamori
N Normal Meiko Namiki Unawakened
Meiko Namiki
N Normal Kaoru Ryuzaki Unawakened
Kaoru Ryuzaki
N Normal Natsuki Kimura Unawakened
Natsuki Kimura
N Normal Kumiko Matsuyama Unawakened
Kumiko Matsuyama
N Normal Yoko Saito Unawakened
Yoko Saito
N Normal Marina Sawada Unawakened
Marina Sawada
N Normal Miu Yaguchi Unawakened
Miu Yaguchi
N Normal Miria Akagi Unawakened
Miria Akagi
N Normal Nagisa Aino Unawakened
Nagisa Aino
N Normal Itsuki Manabe Unawakened
Itsuki Manabe
N Normal Yui Ohtsuki Unawakened
Yui Ohtsuki
N Normal Yuki Himekawa Unawakened
Yuki Himekawa
N Normal Yuzu Kitami Unawakened
Yuzu Kitami
N Normal Suzuho Ueda Unawakened
Suzuho Ueda
N Normal Naho Ebihara Unawakened
Naho Ebihara
N Normal Shizuku Oikawa Unawakened
Shizuku Oikawa
N Normal Reina Koseki Unawakened
Reina Koseki
N Normal Misaki Etou Unawakened
Misaki Etou
N Normal Mary Cochran Unawakened
Mary Cochran
N Normal Syoko Hoshi Unawakened
Syoko Hoshi
N Normal Sanae Katagiri Unawakened
Sanae Katagiri
N Normal Yuko Hori Unawakened
Yuko Hori
N Normal Kai Nishijima Unawakened
Kai Nishijima
N Normal Risa Matoba Unawakened
Risa Matoba
N Normal Tokiko Zaizen Unawakened
Tokiko Zaizen
R Rare Yumi Aiba Unawakened
Yumi Aiba
R Rare Sora Nonomura Unawakened
Sora Nonomura
R Rare Ayuna Hamakawa Unawakened
Ayuna Hamakawa
R Rare Tomoka Wakabayashi Unawakened
Tomoka Wakabayashi
R Rare Mika Jougasaki Unawakened
Mika Jougasaki
R Rare Rika Jougasaki Unawakened
Rika Jougasaki
R Rare Ema Senzaki Unawakened
Ema Senzaki
R Rare Akane Hino Unawakened
Akane Hino
R Rare Kirari Moroboshi Unawakened
Kirari Moroboshi
R Rare Airi Totoki Unawakened
Airi Totoki
R Rare Natalia Unawakened
R Rare Natsumi Soma Unawakened
Natsumi Soma
R Rare Shiho Makihara Unawakened
Shiho Makihara
R Rare Takumi Mukai Unawakened
Takumi Mukai
R Rare Nina Ichihara Unawakened
Nina Ichihara
R Rare Umi Sugisaka Unawakened
Umi Sugisaka
R Rare Hinako Kita Unawakened
Hinako Kita
R Rare Mahiro Kitagawa Unawakened
Mahiro Kitagawa
R Rare Ibuki Komatsu Unawakened
Ibuki Komatsu
R Rare Sana Miyoshi Unawakened
Sana Miyoshi
R Rare Cathy Graham Unawakened
Cathy Graham
R Rare Emi Namba Unawakened
Emi Namba
R Rare Ayame Hamaguchi Unawakened
Ayame Hamaguchi
R Rare Tomoe Murakami Unawakened
Tomoe Murakami
R Rare Ako Tsuchiya Unawakened
Ako Tsuchiya
R Rare Aoi Shuto Unawakened
Aoi Shuto
R Rare Kiyomi Saejima Unawakened
Kiyomi Saejima
R Rare Hikaru Nanjo Unawakened
Hikaru Nanjo
R Rare Shin Sato Unawakened
Shin Sato
R Holy Girl Eve Santaclaus Unawakened
Eve Santaclaus
R Rare Yuuki Otokura Unawakened
Yuuki Otokura
N Normal Yoshino Yorita Unawakened
Yoshino Yorita
R Rare Tsukasa Kiryu Unawakened
Tsukasa Kiryu


Executive Director Mishiro Chihiro Senkawa Cinderella Girls Sprite
Chihiro Senkawa
N Normal Rookie Trainer
Rookie Trainer
N Normal Trainer
R Rare Veteran Trainer
Veteran Trainer
SR Super Rare Master Trainer
Master Trainer







Cinderella Girls Gekijou CLIMAX SEASON Poster - Yuko, Sanae, Shizuku

The latest season of Cinderella Girls Gekijou has recently finished airing!

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