Haruka Amami
Normal Haruka Amami Mobage Transparent
Kanji 天海春香
Romaji Amami Haruka
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 158cm
Weight 46kg
Birthday April 3
Blood Type O
Three Sizes B 83, W 56, H 82
Hometown Kanagawa


Image Color #FF3E3B
Haruka Autograph

"In order to become a top idol, I'll do my best in singing and dancing! Thank you ♪"

Haruka Amami is an idol at 765 Production, and considered to be the main heroine of the franchise. She initially appeared in the arcade game, and her latest appearance was in THE IDOLM@STER STELLA STAGE.

She is voiced by Eriko Nakamura.


Haruka lives in the Kanagawa prefecture with her father and mother. Her family is very optimistic and cheerful, and they enjoy spending time together.

She's a high school student, however her exact school year is never mentioned.


Haruka is a optimistic and enthusiastic girl with a love for singing. Her personality makes it easy for her to get along with most people she meets, and she's commonly thought to just be a normal girl.

However, she is shown to be clumsy, often tripping and falling over nothing. Despite this, she loves to engage in physical activities, such as dancing or sporting events.


Haruka's main hobby is baking a variety of sweets, and she enjoys sharing them with those at the office. She'll usually spend her days off either researching new recipes, or trying to replicate cakes from her local bakery.

Aside from baking, Haruka also enjoys singing karaoke and having long phone calls with her friends.


  • Haruka is always shown to be wearing hair decorations of some kind, most commonly twin ribbons or twin barrettes.
  • Haruka prefers to practice outdoors due to a childhood memory.[1]


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